Immanuel  Baptist Theological Seminary

When Preparation Meets Opportunity, Exciting Things Happen

  195 Fisher Road
Sharpsburg, GA 30266

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Credit Hours Possibilities: 

The emphasis of IBC is upon the Individual.  Although students would benefit from full-time residential classroom experience, research has indicated that motivated, independent, learning adults can utilize other resources for obtaining a college and/ or seminary degree.  Thus, various modes of instruction and evaluation of learning experiences are utilized.


Academic credit can be obtained through the following options -


    1)    External Degree Program - allows you to earn college and/ or seminary credit at home.


    2)    On-Campus courses.


    3)    Transfer from Accredited and/ or Reciprocating Institutions.


Degree Programs:

                 Undergraduate degrees awarded by the College:

B.A.          Bachelor of Arts In Bible
B.R.E.    Bachelor of Arts In Religious Education



                 Graduate degrees awarded

 M.A.           Master of Arts In Bible
M.Min.   Master Of Ministry
M.Div.   Master Of Divinity
Th. M.   Master of Theology


                  Doctoral degrees awarded

Doctor Of Ministry
Th.D.   Doctor Of Theology
Doctor Of Christian Philosophy



Immanuel is a Georgia charter member of the American Federation of Christian Colleges

and Schools.


This is a nongovernmental and non-regional accreditation (for conscience sake.)


Immanuel does not discriminate against age, race, sex, national origin, ethnic group or handicap.




         "No society ever rises above its theology." Dr. James I. Stewart